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VEGAN TATTOO GEL 100ml: SYNDET GELERIN GEL (SOAP FREE), 100% VEGAN, for washing tattooed skin. Particularly suitable for sensitive or delicate skin where the use of soap is contraindicated. Dermatologically tested.

VEGAN TATTOO BALM, 30g: VEGANO tattoo balm (without animal ingredients). Indicated to heal and protect healthy skin after a tattoo in a more natural way. Shea butter, Dexpanthenol (5%), Aloe Vera, Calendula and SEPITONIC M3. It promotes the regeneration of the skin, moisturizes and helps to keep the colors alive. Dermatologically tested.

ContainsManteca de Karité, Panthenol 5%, Aloe Vera, Caléndula, Sepitonic M3.
It does not containParabenos, propylene glycol, ethanolaminas, colorantes, ftalatos, aceites minerales, sal.
WeightVegan Tattoo 30g & Vegan Gel Tattoo 100ml
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